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Another Week of Word Sorts (Affixes)

Last week, we announced three new weeks of word sorts for affixes (including both prefixes and suffixes)…but that wasn’t enough! We just released another week of affix word sorts with advanced upper elementary suffixes.

These New Affix Word Sorts Build Stronger Readers and Spellers!

These suffixes word sorts increase the complexity of word knowledge beyond the basic words in Word Sort Spiral Reviews 1-15: ness, est, ly, ous, able, ible, ic, ous, ment, and al. These word parts continues to build essential word knowledge for advanced elementary readers and spellers.

These New Affix Word Sorts Build Stronger Readers and Spellers!

You already have access to consonant blends, vowel sounds, and now you’re receiving expanded morphology (word part) word sorts to increase decoding and spelling skills.

You can view them on the expanded word sort page, which is a part of the Awesome Membership, or you can view them from this word sort unit page, which is included in the Free Word Study Membership.






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