Clumping cat litter is probably the greatest invention since sliced bread if you ask anyone with a traditional litter box. When two or more eggs from the same heat cycle are fertilized by different sets of sperm, that process is called superfecundation. Otherwise, let her give birth. However, I had a cat that had five kittens, then 2 days later she had the sixth. After all, cats are known as usually producing multiple kittens at a time. What can happen is when the female comes into heat initially she will be in heat for about a week , if she comes into contact with more then one male , she can get pregnant by both and if bred say at the beginning of the heat cycle and then again at the end can have babies that when she goes into labor won't make it because they will be a couple days too early. by Anonymous: reply 6: 04/11/2010: She a hoe. The cat gestation period (cat pregnancy length) is about 63-65 days on average, or about two months. Cases in Hellenism That would be 30-45 litters. Yes they can! my cat pepsi had 2 kittens 10 days ago one died at birth and the other lasted two days but pepsi didnt want to know it and kept leaving out of he bed. If your cat mistakenly slipped outside during heat, there are a few potential signs of pregnancy. The gestation period should be about the same, but if the matings were not on the same day, yes, the kittens could be born at different times. Maybe your two black cats had an orange kitten, or your two white cats had a tabby. Knowing how many kittens to expect can help when seeking out homes to place them all, and can also affect the ease of the birth. It can also tell the number of kittens the cat has in her belly, but it wouldn’t be so accurate. Clumping. Pregnant cats have different nutritional needs. In domestic dogs, sexual maturity occurs between the ages of 6 to 12 months for both males and females, although this can be delayed until up to two years of age for some large breeds.Pregnancy is possible as soon as the first estrus cycle, but breeding is not recommended prior to the second cycle. You nedd to get her on Maury. I know cats can get pregnant from different males in one litter. Some cats have their kittens quickly, some it takes a while. She does eat and drink, but mostly just nurses the kittens. Also female ovulation in cats is stimulated when the male pulls out of the female leading an egg to be released just after insemination, another reason that one litter can have multiple fathers.1 The likelihood of having multiple fathers cats in one litter has many different variables. Beaver notes, “Only time will tell you if your Yorkie is actually pregnant and then if there is more than one puppy, or whether the two puppies might actually be from different fathers.” During this time, feed your cat a diet rich in vitamins, calories and nutrients, formulated for pregnant, nursing cats or kittens, especially during the final half of the pregnancy. Heteropaternal superfecundation is common in animals such as cats and dogs. What to Feed a Pregnant Cat. (2010, September 22). The cat mates, but does not become pregnant and has what is called a pseudo or “false” pregnancy. It depends on the woman having a tendency to produce more than one egg, and on her having sexual relations with two different men in a very short space of time, but given both of those then yes, it could happen. However, that is not necessarily true either! Here’s what you need to know about providing the right food for a pregnant cat. Queens can keep going into heat every 2 to 3 weeks from the spring through the early fall, making them ready to reproduce more often than not. It is not unique to cats, but is also common in dogs. If you plan to desex your cat, wait until kittens are 7 weeks old. This is due to “heterozygosity” – meaning a mixture of genetic material. pepsi is looking after them well. Best Odor Control Cat Litter. Though rare in humans, cases have been documented. ScienceDaily… Not at the same time, but cats can have more than 2 litters in their life time. Lets say an average of 5 kittens per litter for a total of 150-225 kittens. They might vomit or refuse to eat. She will return to being on heat approximately 4-6 weeks later. A few days over two weeks ago we had our cat spayed. Of course, the actual number of kittens and litters will vary from cat to cat. Talk about one big happy family. According to the ASPCA, a cat can have an average of four to six kittens per litter, and a fertile cat can produce one to two litters a year on average. A female cat can get pregnant when they are as young as 4 months old, unless they have been spayed to prevent that. In one study on humans, the frequency was 2.4% among dizygotic twins whose parents had been involved in paternity suits. yesterday came in from work to pepsi having 3 kittens first one was still born and the other two doing well. While cat genetics are varied and fascinating, the answer to these mysteriously colored kittens may be something less complicated: it is entirely possible for kittens from the same litter to have different fathers. Most of the time, all are born within about 8 hours. Pregnancy lasts approximately 63-65 days – around nine weeks. This leads to superfecundation: one pregnancy from more than one mating. Female cats mate with many different toms in the same heat cycle and they ovulate new eggs each time. They actually can have 2-3 litters a year. If she is having difficulty, take her to the vet. A pregnancy lasts for 9 weeks & they can go into heat every 3 weeks; some go into heat despite their pregnancy. The average feline litter is small, but a number of different factors can contribute to how many kittens are born. Heat cycles usually stop after mating once a cat becomes pregnant, although sometimes they will continue. Feed a High-Calorie Cat Food And you think, man this girl got around! This can result in a litter of six kittens with two different fathers. A female can become pregnant when she's as young as four months old. Since the small bones of kittens are formed when the cat is around 54 days pregnant, an X-Ray shows a transparent picture of the imminent blood of the cat. The cat does not mate. Does this concern you? Where cats win out, is that they can carry more than one litter at the same time. No. She seems to be very sad or depressed, and spends the vast majority of the day nursing her 4 months old kittens or her sister's 2 month old kittens. Litters can range from one kitten to … Hi, Because cats are 'induced ovulators' (they release an egg AFTER they mate), yes, a cat can be pregnant at the same time with kittens from different Tom cats. The first notable sign is darkened and enlarged nipples, as your cat's body prepares to make milk for its young. Canine sexual anatomy and development General. In this AnimalWised article we will go over the different reasons as to why has your cat only had one kitten. Just wanted to know if a cat can be pregnant with two differently-aged litters. The term for two or more eggs from the same heat cycle being fertilized by different sets of sperm is called superfecundation. It's helpful to know how many kittens are expected before the mother cat gives birth. A female cat can give birth to up to five litters per year, according to the Sacramento Area Animal Coalition. Stray dogs can produce litters in which every puppy has a different sire. Some pregnant cats experience “morning sickness” like humans. Once pregnant, a cat's gestation period is roughly 2 months, making it possible for her to birth as many as five litters a year. Wow! If you breed that same purebred Lab to a Poodle, everything changes. I have rescued two mother cats and their litters of feral kittens over the years. The issue comes if there is a size mismatch between the mother and father, where the father is much bigger. In addition, they’re safer for pregnant women for the same reasons. But, it’s a complex issue. In this situation she can show all the signs of being pregnant (gain weight, increase in appetite and even produce milk) but won’t actually have any kittens. Cats make wonderful mothers and the approach of kittens can be a time of excitement. In both cases, their fathers took care of the kittens. Litters can range from one to eight or more kittens, with an average of two to five kittens, with maximum numbers occurring with queens between the ages of two and eight. Reminder – Female cats can again become pregnant within as little as 2 weeks after giving birth but more usually between 8 weeks and 10 weeks so great care that the queen is kept safely confined during this time. “First, it is possible for a female dog to carry puppies that were sired by more than one male dog,” she says. It will be the same litter. Yes, & so can a human female if impregnated twice w/i 24 hours. The season varies, but is usually about two to three weeks, and a cat may stay in heat for periods of two to 19 days, with an average of about eight days. This means that even a bitch that undergoes a planned breeding cycle can potentially be “covered” (impregnated) by more than one male dog if they happen to have the opportunity, or if you find that your bitch has conceived without your knowledge, again, there is the potential for two different … (FVB). Hi, My cat named Rosie Is pregnant,I think she will be due soon, Is it normal for a pregnant cat to have a light pink nose, Its always dark pink.. A mild color change in her nose can be caused by a few different things. How Many Kittens and Litters Can a Cat Have? In the general scheme of things, if the girl is healthy enough to undergo pregnancy, then being pregnant by two dogs of a similar or smaller size to her is unlikely to cause problems. An average cat lives about 15 years. She was pregnant and it was terminated. A cat’s pregnancy lasts about 63-65 days. Knowing just how many kittens to expect can be helpful for preparation. The mother can still nurse her kittens afterwards. Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V. If you decide that two is better than one, adopting two cats from the same litter can make things easier. Although not likely, it is theoretically possible for every single member of a litter to have a different father. Superconception: European brown hares, while pregnant with one litter, can start a new pregnancy. The average gestation period for a cat is 65 days. Ultrasound can tell if the cat is carrying a child. It can be worrying if the cat you have bred gives birth to a single one kitten litter. If mating occurs again during the pregnancy this can lead to further foetuses being conceived and kittens born with different … Yes, it would be possible. But then you see litters were all the puppies look different – different colors, coat types, sizes even! It is rare but still possible for every kitten in a litter to have a different father! Cats can even deliver a litter of kittens sired by two different male cats if they have come into contact with more than one entire male cat at around the time that they conceive! Should I be concerned?