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Teaching Context Clues

Teaching Context Clues Teaching context clues can be fun. It can be frustrating. It can be rewarding, and it can seriously help students develop reading skills and background knowledge. Ultimately, teaching context clues is about vocabulary development. In this post, I’ll share:Results from teacher survey on Word Meaning and VocabularyOne thing NOT to do when teaching […]

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Comprehension Instructional Strategy Pack 2019

In our recent blog post, Reading Comprehension Strategies, we shared the only 9 comprehension strategies that you’ll ever need to teach. But we didn’t really offer any instructional strategies that you can use. Here is our free instructional strategy pack updated with new strategies for 2019! It’s free to download right here in your membership account. If you […]

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Free Reading Comprehension Strategy Pack

UPDATE 1/8/2019: Here is our newly updated reading comprehension strategy pack for 2019. This reading comprehension strategy pack is our short set of instructional strategies that build reading comprehension strategies. It’s recently updated from the comprehension strategies that we sent in January 2018. This pack (downloadable PDF is at the end of this post) includes […]

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Brain Quiz Teaching Strategies

This 6 Question Quiz will test your knowledge of teaching strategies? Do you know which strategies result in better learning and retention? Possible Results from Quiz:Brainiac, Masterful TeacherBrain Aware, Great TeacherLearning About the BrainWe know the brain requires experience that activate working memory and long-term memory. Do you know which teaching strategies do this? Spiral Review […]

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Words Sorts: Double Consonant

Students in 3rd- and 4th-grades should fluent spell words with double consonants. They should learn that double consonants create short vowel sounds. In this post you will find word sorts that distinguish double consonants (short vowel) from single consonants (long vowel).Word Sorts with Double ConsonantsStudents can practice sorting words based on the double consonant pattern. Short […]

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Word Sorts for Two-Letter Blends

Words sorts can help students build stronger spelling skills. These spelling activities can be used in class, in learning stations, or for homework. They are easy for students to complete without help, and they reinforce knowledge of spelling patterns. In this post, there are two types of word sorts: Words with initial blends Blends in […]

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Word Sorts for Short Vowels

Word sorts are an excellent way to deepen spelling skills. They are embedded in our word fluency units and the spelling warm-ups. Some students will need additional practice to master spelling patterns, and word sorts are a perfect way to help! This post has two types of short vowel word sorts: Basic short vowel word […]

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