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4 New Weeks of Decoding Fluency

We just released four more weeks of free research-based word study warm-ups! These warm-ups are available to all of our Spiral WarmUps members including the free word study membership.

The new warm-ups are based on feedback from two years of testing and trails. They feature a newly designed navigation menu that brings all of the warm-ups in one location for quick, no-prep delivery of engaging instruction!

These are 4 of the many weeks of new free word study upgrades!

Questions About the New Warm-Ups

Who are the Free Word Study Warm-Ups for?

The warm-ups are designed for grades 2-3 on-level readers, grades 3-5 intervention or remediation, and English language learners.

In Give It A Shot, students practice their reading fluency in timed attempts with immediate feedback.

Are these warm-ups good for English Learners?

Yes. The level of words and types of tasks are perfect for students at level 3 (speech emergence) and level 4 (intermediate fluency) of second language acquisition.

Build fluency with these decoding fluency choral readings - Free Word Study Warm-Ups

What skills are in the new Decoding Fluency Warm-Ups?

These 20 days of warm-ups focus solely on consonant blends. Students will practice a variety of skills seeing, hearing, reading, and writing words with initial, medial, and final 2- and 3-letter blends.

Students will test their word decoding skills in these timed warm-ups!

What happens to the old Decoding Fluency Warm-Ups?

These warm-ups replace the first version of Decoding Fluency warm-ups, but those legacy warm-ups are still available in the Awesome members’ dashboards.

Decoding Fluency 2019 - Legacy WarmUps in Dashboard

20 Days of Word Study Warm-Ups

The Free Word Study Membership includes 75 days (and growing) of spelling, decoding, word parts, affixes, and more areas of word knowledge, but the 20 days in these Decoding Fluency warm-ups focus on building decoding fluency with consonant blends.

Perfect for grades 2-4! These are the first 20 days of warm-ups in the Word Fluency warm-up curriculum. Weeks 1-2 are basic decoding skills, and weeks 3-4 are advanced consonant blends with increased decoding speed.
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  1. Blends ct, st, sp, sk, Choral Practice
  2. Blend sl, sn, Choral Practice
  3. Give It A Shot! (from days 1 & 2)
  4. Blends nd, ng, nt
  5. Word Racer
  6. Blends mp
  7. Blends pr, pl
  8. Give It A Shot! (from previous 7 days)
  9. Blends br, dr
  10. Word Racer (from previous 10 days)
  11. 3-Letter Blends str
  12. 3-Letter Blends scr
  13. Give It Shot! str scr
  14. 3-Letter Blends spr spl
  15. Word Racer (All Blends So Far)
  16. Blends ld, lf
  17. L Blends lk, ld, lf
  18. Blends fr, tr
  19. Blends sw, cl
  20. Word Racer (All Blends)

Where to Find the Warm-Ups

If you’re already a member, the warm-ups are in your member dashboard, or you can go directly to them here.

If you’re not a member, you can sign up today! And it’s free. Always. Click here to join >>





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