Developing New Reading Resources for All Members

I hope you are excited to hear that we are currently in the research and development stage of the newest reading and word study resources – including, pre-post-assessments, fluency warm-ups, and affixes.

In our most recent research, we discovered teachers would like to see the following resources added to the warm-up memberships:

  1. Affixes
  2. Pre- and Post-Assessments
  3. Fluency and Grammar

And we’re going to do it!

Affixes, Fluency, Comprehension, and Word Study Warm-Ups

The graph shows the percentage of teachers who responded that they’d like to see these in their warm-up resources.

More than 22% of teachers surveyed would like to have warm-ups for affixes (prefixes and suffixes). This is in testing and development right now. We are approaching the affixes from two angles:

  1. to build orthographic knowledge (spelling skills, pattern awareness)
  2. to develop vocabulary skills (word meaning)

Over 22% of teachers also said they would like to see pre- and post-assessments to measure student growth in comprehension and word knowledge – and we’re excited about making this happen!

Piloting the New Warm-Ups

We have two groups of students in different grade levels piloting a new fluency focused warm-up and another group of students piloting affix warm-ups.

After the piloting and editing process, we will release new warm-ups for the free Word Study membership and the Awesome Members. You should see the affixes warm-ups (for spelling and word meaning) this spring semester and pre- and post-assessments will follow.

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How We Test New Warm-Ups

When we test new warm-ups, we try different activities and gather feedback on:

  • Quantity of Active Participation
  • Quality of Student Emotional Engagement
  • Teacher Perceived Impact on Learning

We’re not doing scientific research here, we’ve done that at the level here and here. [pullquote align=”right”]Thank you for your feedback on the recent survey! [/pullquote]

We are looking for what works in reading spiral review. We are designing warm-ups that are easy to use, require no prep, and target essential skills.

Your Feedback Helps

Thank you for your feedback in the recent survey, in the comments, and in support requests. We are always improving and appreciate the time and effort you take in giving feedback.

Together, we make learning awesome.

We are looking for what works in reading spiral review. We are designing warm-ups that are easy to use, require no prep, and target essential skills.Click To Tweet


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