[FAQ 1] How Do I Use the Warm-Ups?

This is the most frequently asked question, so let’s start here. Everyone believes that no-prep warm-ups for word study and reading comprehension are great, but how do you use them?

How do You Use the Spiral Warm-Ups?

After giving students brief direction on what to expect in today’s warm-up activities (i.e. turn and talk, needing paper), you press play and project the warm-up. There are two types of warm-ups:

  1. Interactive video, which provides more support and directions for the students.
  2. Projectable task card, which allows you to guide the talking, question, and responding.
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Screenshot from Word Builder Video Activity


Screenshot from Word Builder Video Activity

Can you assign individual students to warm-ups?

You can work on the warm-ups as a whole group or in a small group, like a station or guided reading. At this time, we don’t have individual student accounts, but this is such a common request and a great fit for personalized learning.

Individual student accounts are definitely on our to-do lists, but there is no specific timeline.

Do they just work on the warms-ups as partners?

You could have the students log on to a single computer, but they will need your account, which we don’t recommend. However, a small group that is under your supervision could work well.

Log in to a computer. Pull a few students over who need a specific skill and let them complete the work. Most of the warm-ups are highly interactive with plenty of choral response and student talking, so you will want to do this only in an intervention group with your supervision.

How to use word study and reading warm-ups

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