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Fluency 2 Days 1-10: Vowel Digraphs for Upper Elementary

Fluency 2 is a spiral warm-up unit in the free Word Fluency course. But what skills are in these warm-ups? Who are they for? What will students do during these 10 days?

Let’s answer these questions as we walk through Fluency 2 Days 1-10.

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Vowel Digraph Warm-Ups

These warm-ups focus on vowel digraphs, which are the building blocks of accurate and confident reading. Wait a second, that sound like something they learn in 1st-grade phonics, right? No.

Struggling readers in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-grades often struggle because of a lack of word knowledge: automaticity, word meaning, and decoding skills.

Fluency 2 focuses on the vowel digraphs that upper elementary students need most to succeed.

Days 1 and 2

The warm-ups start off with:

  • Long A
  • Long E
  • Long O
  • Vowel Digraphs ai, ay, ea, oa

Students receive daily micro-lessons about which letter makes the sound and why.

Day 3 Spiral Review

Like all of our warm-ups, the spiral review is built into the sequence, and on day 3, students have another learning opportunity for the vowel digraphs from days 1 and 2.

Word Fluency Warm-Ups for Spiral Review
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Day 4 Initial Blends

Students focus on initial consonant blends and read them in words that also contain the vowel digraphs from days 1-3.

Day 5 Word Sorts

The week is wrapped up with a spiral review of all the decoding patterns learned this week. Students decode and sort the patterns in multi-syllabic words, which is different than the basic words from Fluency 1.

Days 6 and 7 Digraphs

In the second week of this unit, students work on vowel and consonant digraphs:

  • Vowel Digraphs ea and ey (Long E)
  • Consonant Digraph sh

Day 7 is really a break for students – it takes a step back and focuses on decoding fluency with one-syllable words that have the sh digraph.

Day 8 Complete Spiral Review

Students deepen their word fluency with a complete review of all the skills so far – and they do it in a three-way timed word sort!

Day 9 Platinum Racer

Students increase their reading speed with Platinum Racer, an activity that flashes words and allows less than 2 seconds for students to decode and read aloud each word.

It also introduces a new decoding skill: Long O with oe and ow.

Day 10 Spiral Review

The final spiral review wraps up all of the vowel and consonant digraphs in a three-way sort with multi-syllabic words.

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