The Role of the Teacher

Sometimes, a new type of resource or classroom technoogy presents the problem of “How do I use this?” Thankfully, we’ve made it easy to use Spiral WarmUps. The next problem is, what do I do during the warm-up?

The role of the teacher during the warm-up is to:

  • Ensure students understand the purpose of today’s warm-up.
  • Ensure students have materials (i.e. notebook and pencil).
  • Pause a video if students are off-task or confused.
  • Monitor and prompt student participation.
  • Support students who seem to struggle.
  • Walk around and give encouragement as needed.

If you’re using the warm-ups as a spiral review of previously taught material (previous grade levels or recently taught in your class), then your role during the warm-up is not to teach. Your role is to scaffold – provide support and encourage participation.

After the warm-up, a quick recap or clarification may be appropriate.