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Navigating the Warm-Ups

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There are so many amazing and engaging reading warm-ups that it’s easy to get lost…unless you know the 5 basic areas of your member dashboard.

  1. Account
  2. Warm-Ups
  3. Literacy Sequences
  4. Support
  5. News

As always the reading warm-ups are no-prep word study, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension warm-ups.

If you’re a member, access your account here >>

Your Turn

What questions do you have about the navigation? Do you have any questions about the warm-ups? Leave a comment down below.





5 responses to “Navigating the Warm-Ups”

  1. Admin

    Joyce, can we help you with anything?

  2. ericacarpenter

    I’m not clear on whether the warmups are whole class, or I push them out individually to my students’ devices.

    1. Admin

      You can use them both ways, but we recommend starting whole-class. In case studies, a whole-class approach produced greater learning results than classes without the warm-ups. Here’s an FAQ ( with more specifics from our knowledge base.

  3. Brittney

    Thanks for the quick guide!

    1. Admin

      Sure thing! Please reach out any time you need any help with the Spiral WarmUps!

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