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[NEWS] Expanding the Comprehension Warm-Ups


We’re overwhelmed by the outstanding response to the launch of reading comprehension warm-ups and can’t wait to hear of the stories of stronger readers and writers!

There are only 5 days left in the Early Adopter special where we’re essentially giving the reading comprehension warm-ups away for less than a burger on the value menu.

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Even with a successful launch of the warm-ups, we’re not resting – tonight, we finished and published two more weeks of warm-ups!

These warm-ups focus on making inferences and are a part of our new Basic Inferences set, which transition students from inferring main ideas to inferring ideas about characters, setting, and making predictions.

The new making inferences warm-ups are organized by Lexile levels to help you match text complexity to your student’s instructional reading levels. (Here’s a good post at TeamTom Education on reading levels and a free reading level chart).

I hope you find these warm-ups to be a great tool for embedding spiral review and promoting student talk and writing in the reading classroom – they are open-ended task card projectables.

Do you still have questions? Do you have ideas or suggestions for comprehension warm-ups? We’d love to hear from you. Please comment below – thanks for reading.

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