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[NEWS] Spelling 1 Warm-Ups are Published!

We’re happy to announce our newest free word study warm-ups! The first spelling unit is complete. In this unit, your students will:

  • Sort words based on orthographic patterns.
  • Receive direct instruction/review on consonant digraphs, blends, and short vowels.
  • Physically participate in identifying phonemes and graphemes.
  • Build spelling fluency.
Who are the Spelling 1 Warm-Ups for?

The new spelling 1 unit is designed for on-level students in grades 3-4. Advanced 2nd-graders will really appreciate you differentiating using this unit – it will challenge them!

​You probably understand how difficult it is to work word study into your 5th and 6th grade ELA class (See why students need daily word study). But there are many 5th and 6th-grade students who desperately need systematic word study! Spelling 1 is perfect for them.

The Spelling 1 unit focuses on spelling fluency and has many rapid paced activities. It is highly recommended that 2nd-, 3rd-, and 4th-grade students master the decoding skills in the word fluency units Fluency 1 and Flueny 2 prior to completing this new spelling unit.

The new warm-ups begin with a brief review of short vowels. This is not the full scope of spelling practice needed for 1st and 2nd-graders. These warm-ups build spelling fluency with upper elementary students.

Be careful not to skip over this review. Many students need the additional practice. Plus, it helps them build familiarity with the fast-paced activities in Spelling 1.​

​The second week of spelling warm-ups moves quickly into more consonant digraphs, but allows students to have three more days of spiral review.

If your students master day 6 with a strong degree of proficiency, then you can move beyond week 2. The spiral review will ensure students build spelling fluency and minimize instructional gaps.​

Next up, we are publishing more spelling units and word meaning units. These will include:

  • Spelling 1 Advanced
  • Spelling Suffixes (Inflectional Endings)
  • Word Meanings: Prefixes

If you have any questions about the Spelling 1 Unit, you can comment in the section below, and I’ll be sure to find the answers!

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