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Monthly Progress Monitoring

2 Modules 5 Lessons Easy

About this course

In this course, you will discover how to measure your impact with Spiral WarmUps. It really isn't enough to use this, or any, program. The program must have an impact on learning. It must produce measurable growth. If not, why use it?

This course will give you two monthly progress monitoring tools. Each tool will provide you with data that shows your impact on reading and writing skills.

Course Structure

2 Lessons

Why Progress Monitoring

In this module, you will learn the "why" behind progress monitoring. Why are the skills assessed not all of the skills taught? Why is a monthly progress check important? Why a monthly spelling assessment?

Progress Monitoring, What Skills?

This video will share expert advice on why some progress monitoring assessments do not directly match instruction. It's a strange idea at first glance, so here's a little explanation.

Tier 1 Progress Monitoring

Tier 1 progress monitoring is about impact on learning. It's the act of gathering data on a frequent basis to determine the growth rate of your students. It's like student visible learning, except its feedback for you, the teacher.

3 Lessons

How to do the Monthly Progress Monitoring

In this module, you will get the monthly spelling assessment, find out how to administer it, and receive a data tool to make the data meaningful and easy to use.

Monthly Spelling Assessment

In this lesson, you will download the Monthly Spelling Assessment (MSA) to use with Spiral WarmUps, and we'll show you how to choose the right level to match your students' needs.

Monthly Spelling – Progress Monitoring Data

In this lesson, you will receive the MSA spreadsheet, and we will explore how to gather the data, where to enter the data, and how to read the growth rates.

Using Data to Make Adjustments

In this final video lesson, you will expert advice on the topic of using data to make instructional adjustments.