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Security Update 05-09-2024

We’re pleased to announce a third security update, which adds additional security from our first update over a month ago.

With the help of ChemiCloud or new website hosting provider and Stripe our secure payment processor, we’ve fully tackled the issue of credit card testing.

What is credit card testing?

Credit card testing, also known as carding or card cracking, is a fraudulent practice where stolen credit card information is verified before being used for larger purchases. Fraudsters typically use this method to separate valid cards from invalid ones.

Here’s how it works:

  • Fraudsters obtain credit card details, either through hacking or buying them on the dark web.
  • They then use these details to make small transactions on online platforms.
  • These platforms often have test card numbers specifically designed for this purpose. These test cards will not result in a charge.
  • If the transaction goes through, it indicates that the stolen credit card information is valid and has funds available.
  • The fraudsters can then use this verified information to make larger unauthorized purchases.

Credit card testing can lead to financial losses for both businesses and consumers. Businesses may be liable for chargebacks if fraudulent transactions are not flagged. Consumers can also become victims of identity theft if their credit card information is stolen.

Read More at SEON, a consumer fraud protection service.

Actions Taken by

Cybersecurity and customer protection is a top priority at Spiral WarmUps. In the last 45 days, we have:

  1. Transferred web hosting providers to ensure full-time active scanning and defense for files on our website.
  2. Enlisted the help of Immunify360, an compresive suite of security services including anti-virus, firewall, and PHP security layers.
  3. Deleted inactive accounts and customers’ profiles that do not fit our educational customer base. If your subscription stops is canceled as a result of this action. Please contact us, so we can reinstate your account. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.
  4. Informed Stripe, our 3rd-party payment processor, of potential fraudulent actors and handed them a list of users for further investigation.
  5. Upgraded payment processing security to limit bots from accessing our registration pages.

We understand the importance of secure payments. That’s why we leverage Stripe, a leading secure payment gateway. All credit card information is processed directly by Stripe, keeping your data encrypted and off our servers.

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