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Spiral Reading Program That’s Easy To Use

A spiral reading program that’s easy to use will make preparation simpler for teachers, engage student attention, and sequence literacy learning in a spiral curriculum.

An effective spiral reading program is a research-proven reading intervention program for your lowest-performing students as well as for students who come to you ready to learn more and learn faster. An effective spiral reading program will be more than a box of curricular materials. It is designed to build reading success through daily reading practice within a structured and spiraling curriculum. It focuses on all strands of literacy development: phonological awareness, phonics, spelling, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension in a systematic way that’s easy to use.

That’s what we aim to provide at Spiral WarmUps.

Online Spiral Reading Program

  1. They absorb 30-60 minutes of time.
  2. They try to replace the teacher.

Spiral WarmUps is neither of these two things. In fact, we are the opposite of these two problems.

And you, the teacher, are very much a part of the process. We take the planning and material preparation off of your plate, so you can focus on the one thing that makes you a superhero – TEACHING!

How Spiral Review is a Natural Part of Reading Instruction

If we consider the progression of skills from early elementary to upper-middle schools, we see that reading instruction is a slow spiraling process. First students learn about print and books and begin taking ownership of holding a reading a text. Then in upper elementary reading becomes the art of thinking – inferring, predicting, drawing conclusions, and summarizing. Finally, in middle school, students use reading as a tool for learning.

Instead of learning to read, they read to learn.

The spiral process of reading instruction. It begins with learning about print, moves into building literacy skills, then high-level thinking skills, and finally using reading as a tool for learning.

An effective spiral reading program takes this spiral process into the core of its design.

Explore Our Spiral Review Program Today, Free

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