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More Spiral Warm-Up Courses [Fall 2017 Update]

Free Word Study Warms and More

More Spiral Warm-Up Courses [Fall 2017 Update]

The fall semester is going by so quickly, and I hope your students are enjoying the free word study courses including word fluency and spelling units!

We’ve been busy drafting new courses…entirely new courses covering comprehension and vocabulary. And we have new word study units on the way!

Spiral Warm-Ups for Fall 2017

What’s next for spiral warm-ups?

This weekend (Nov.12) we are publishing another free spelling unit – Spelling 1 (Advanced). It covers advanced digraphs that many upper elementary students are missing. It will also be a crucial unit for:

  • 5th and 6th-grade spelling interventions.
  • 4th-6th grade English Learners.
  • 6th-8th grade English newcomers.

The skills and sequence in this new spelling unit are:

  • Blends mp, lk, lt, ld
  • Digraphs ph and ge
  • Spiral Review
  • Vowel Digraphs ai and ay (Long A)
  • Spiral Review
  • Vowel Digraphs ea and oa (Long E and Long O)
  • Vowel Digraphs ei, ey, and ea (Long A)
  • Spiral Review
  • Endings -dge and -tch
  • Spiral Review

Of course, these word study warm-ups are free, always free.

If you haven’t joined, you can get your free word study membership here.

Free Spelling Warm-Ups

New Courses, New Year [2018]

With all of the overwhelming support and feedback that you are giving, we decided to take a little adventure. There are entirely new courses coming out…something different than word study altogether.

We are currently drafting comprehension courses and vocabulary courses. These spiral warm-ups focus on essential reading skills and background knowledge. I don’t want to give too many details just yet, but I think you’re really going to love these warm-ups!

Spiral review can build powerful comprehension skills & background knowledge!Click To Tweet

New Spiral Warm-Ups Memberships

With the new courses, we will begin offering totally new memberships in 2018. The free word study warm-up membership will always be available. There will also be an awesome paid membership.

We are upgrading our servers to ensure the high-quality video streams keep up with the increased demand. We are also hiring new authors to assist in drafting the warm-ups for comprehension and vocabulary.

We will keep you posted with more information as we get closer. Thanks for joining us on this journey. I promise you will love what’s coming.

Together, we make learning awesome!


If you aren’t a member, you can get your free word study membership here.





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    Can I use for first graders

    1. It will depend on your students. Most of the content aligns to curriculum standards for grades 2-6 phonemic awareness and decoding patterns. I’d be sure that you’ve taught mini-lessons and had sufficient guided reading lessons with the consonant blends in the Fluency 1 unit prior to attempting it. Give the fluency units a try and let us know! You can comment here or email me via the email in your account sign up! Cheers!

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