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Spiral WarmUps - Stronger Readers and Writers

What is a Spiral WarmUp?

How is it different than a worksheet, a review page, or some other reading program?

Spiral WarmUps is a no-prep, artificially intelligent, streaming warm-up that allows students to practice the most essential word study, fluency, vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension skills.

Yes, Spiral WarmUps was created so teachers like you, who are passionate about student growth, can easily implement daily review of basic reading and literacy skills to ensure mastery and reading growth! Here's how it works:

  • Show the warm-up to your students. This can be on a projector in class, in a small group, or in a Zoom meeting online.
  • Students engage with a video or task card projectible while you support monitor and support individual students.
  • The no-prep activities are in one of two formats: videos* or task card projectables.
  • Students engage orally and in writing during the spiral warm-up, which lasts for 3-6 minutes.

*What's in the Video Warm-Ups? The videos are an active combination of explanations, timed activities, and reading practice, and student response tasks. They are not "Sit and Get".

Easy to Use Warm-Ups

Login and Select the Warm-Up

Tell Students What They Will practice 

Students Engage With Warm-Up

Repeat 5 Days Per Week

Free Word Study Warm-Ups Include Fluency, Spelling, and Vocabulary in Your Dashboard

Spiral WarmUps gives you the tools and resources you need in one convenient spot!

Yes, Spiral WarmUps gives you the tools and resources you need to help students master the basic skills that you rarely get time to teach.

  • Advanced word study to build rapid word recognition.
  • Vocabulary to increase background knowledge and boost reading levels.
  • Reading fluency to increase comprehension and boost reading levels.
  • Spelling with basic orthographic (spelling) patterns and advanced word parts and affixes.

Increase Word Knowledge

Your students will increase word knowledge: spelling, recognition speed, vocabulary, and knowledge of word parts. Word builder, word sorts, and other quick, no-prep activities will engage students in the spiral review that would take you hours to prepare for each week - but it's easy with Spiral WarmUps!

Free Word Study Warm-Ups Include Fluency, Spelling, and Vocabulary in Your Dashboard
Comprehension Warm-Ups are included for Spiral WarmUps Awesome Members

Increase Reading Comprehension

In just 3-6 minutes per day, students will increase vocabulary, decoding, and reading fluency - the foundation of excellent reading comprehension. Plus, they will engage in comprehension warm-ups to practice skills such as:

  • Making Inferences
  • Identifying Important vs Unimportant Details
  • Abstracting Main Ideas
  • And Other Comprehension Tasks

Not sure how you'd use Spiral WarmUps with your students to drastically improve reading growth?

Tell us a little bit about your instructional needs, and we'll design a precise plan that details which of our massive warm-up database you'll benefit from the most! 

Take this quick quiz to find out which free warm-ups will best fit you and your students!

It's Free. Yeah, but does it work?

In 2017, we asked the same question and set about over a dozen split tests and in-classroom experiments to answer one question, "Do Spiral Warm-Ups for reading actually boost reading levels?"

The Short Answer Is "YES!"

233% More Reading Growth!

Classrooms that used Spiral WarmUps gained an average of 233% more growth in terms of reading levels (DRA PM Benchmarks) and reading comprehension levels (Renaissance Star Reading®) than their peer classrooms that did not use Spiral WarmUps.

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We started with Evidence Based Reading Research, which informed us of 5 core components in effective reading instruction (Moats & Dakin, 2007):

  1. Phonological & Phonemic Awareness - Explicitly taught speech sounds;
    emphasizes blending and separating sounds in spoken words
  2. Phonics & Word Study - Explicit and systematic instruction in mapping sounds and symbols; teaches “Sound it out” before “Does it make sense?”
  3. Fluency - Measurable goals determined by grade level for ORF in passage reading; uses rereading, partner reading, and reading with a model
  4. Vocabulary - Important words in text pre-taught; structured practice using new words done in writing and verbally
  5. Comprehension - Text structure taught directly; strategies modeled and practiced; sub-skills taught

Then over course of 6-week intervals we tested our free Word Study warm-ups in 13 third grade classrooms. Students took the Renaissance Star Reading (R) assessment at the beginning of the six weeks. Classrooms that used Spiral Warm-Ups measured statistically significant greater gains in reading comprehension compared to classes who did not use Spiral WarmUps. We repeated the studies and achieved similar results.


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Literacy Sequences Based On DRA Levels in the Free Spiral WarmUps

Literacy Sequences

Carefully designed warm-up sequences based on DRA levels.

Word Study Units that are Better Than Lucy Calkins in the Free Spiral WarmUps

Word Study Units

Flexible units that can be used with any other core curriculum!

Word Study Animated Word Sorts in the Free Spiral WarmUps

Animated Word Sorts

Fun, timed animated word sorts that build fluency & word knowledge.

Free Spelling Fluency Practice Videos in the Free Spiral WarmUps

Video Activities

Interactive videos lead students in engaging learning tasks!

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Spiral WarmUps gives you the warm-ups you need to engage students in spiral review of core literacy skills!