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Quick Questions

Where are the Warm-Ups?

The warm-ups are in your dashboard after you login.

What activities will students do?

All no-prep word sorts, forced fluency, multiple-choice and more.

How many warm-ups are there?

Over 50 weeks of warm-ups! New units arrive each month in your dashboard.

Professional Learning Courses

Spiral WarmUps now provides free professional learning courses. You can access in your member dashboard under support. If you are not a member, you can access the free professional learning courses by signing up here.

Reading Fluency

Forced Fluency, The One Strategy for Increasing Reading Fluency
If I could only have one strategy for increasing reading fluency, it would be Forced Fluency. The videos, research, and[…]
Oral Reading Fluency Assessment
It’s one of the best tools for reading instruction and assessment of student reading skills growth – oral reading fluency[…]
Fluency Builder Level 2
The warm-ups in Fluency Builder Level 2 are designed to increase reading fluency: speed, accuracy, and working memory. Students will[…]
Fluency Pilot Continues
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Fluency Pilot Quick Update (May 2018)
If you recently applied for the new fluency pilot, we are excited to say you will be notified in the coming[…]
Fluency Warm-Ups [Pilot Applications]
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Reading Comprehension

Pins for Reading Teachers
We made these Pins for you, so you can pin, share, and spread good ideas for reading instruction. But we[…]
Best Main Idea (Animated Reading Comprehension)
When we say animated reading comprehension, we’re not talking about cartoons or watching YouTube. We are talking about an animated[…]
New Inferring Main Idea Warm-Ups!
We just revised spiral review 21-25: Inferring Main Ideas! The Inferring Main Idea Spiral Reviews 21-25 focus on biographies with multiple-choice and open-ended[…]
Making Inferences: New Warm-Ups!
In our recent August survey, 200+ teachers overwhelming requested more making inferences task card projectables, so we just uploaded a[…]
Free Reading Comprehension Strategy Pack
UPDATE 1/8/2019: Here is our newly updated reading comprehension strategy pack for 2019. This reading comprehension strategy pack is our[…]
Word Fluency & Basic Inferences: Three More Weeks of Warm-Ups!
Great news for members – we just finalized the release of 3 more weeks of warm-ups! Fluency 2 Advanced Days[…]

Word Study Courses

  • Word Fluency
  • Word Building
  • Word meaning

Word Fluency is one of three courses in our Word Study Warm-Ups.

It focuses on building word recognition through decoding skills, phoneme mapping, and automaticity tasks. You can view the course here: Word Fluency.

View the full list of reading warm-ups here.

Reading Comprehension Units

  • Literal vs. Inferential
  • Interactive Videos
  • Task Cards

The warm-ups are organized by color: literal comprehension (light gold) and inferential comprehension (light blue).

The literal questions begin at a simpler 2nd- and 3rd- grade level, but they quickly increase vocabulary and reading rates for 4th-6th-grades.

View the full list of reading warm-ups here.

Ongoing Survey Results

In our recent survey teachers shared their most needed areas for word study warm-ups. We used this data design the original Spiral Warm-Ups curriculum. At that time, reading teachers were asking for pre- and post-assessments and affixes in their word study warm-ups.

Affixes, Fluency, Comprehension, and Word Study Warm-Ups

Since the original research, we’ve conducted numerous studies asking what teachers need in the classroom. 

Which Word Study Warm-Ups do teachers need the most?

In our research, based on over 3,400 teachers’ input, teachers want/need reading warm-ups for Affixes, Word Meanings, and Fluency with Multiple-Meaning Words. What do you think?

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