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Word Sorts for Two-Letter Blends

Words sorts can help students build stronger spelling skills. These spelling activities can be used in class, in learning stations, or for homework. They are easy for students to complete without help, and they reinforce knowledge of spelling patterns.

In this post, there are two types of word sorts:

  1. Words with initial blends
  2. Blends in the middle and end of words

Words with Initial Blends

Words with cl

  • clasp
  • clear
  • clever
  • cloth

Words with sc

  • scar
  • scoot
  • scorn
  • scum

Words with st

  • stand
  • stable
  • sting
  • stomp

Words with tr

  • train
  • treat
  • tremble
  • trust

Word Sort with Initial Blends

Initial blends word sorts for grades 2-4Words with Medial and Final Blends

There are too many words to show here, but these are a great starting spot for students in grades 2-4.

Words with sp

  • dispute
  • grasp
  • respond
  • wasp

Words with st

  • chopstick
  • crust
  • sister
  • thirsty

Words with pt

  • adopt
  • adapt
  • erupts
  • tempting

Words with nd

  • handy
  • mind
  • sender
  • understand

Words with Medial and Final Blends

Word Sorts with Initial and Final Blends

These word sorts correspond with our spiral warmups in Word Fluency: Consonant Blends and Spelling 1: Short Vowels and Blends.

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