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Word Study 101, Professional Learning Course

Word Study 101 - Professional Learning Course from Spiral WarmUps

Why is it that teaching reading can be so challenging? What are the keys to helping struggling readers? In this free professional learning course, we’ll share what we know about word study.

Crack the code for struggling readers. It really is in the details. There are specific gaps in word knowledge that can prevent readers from making progress in their reading fluency and comprehension.

Earn one hour of CPE credit with Spiral WarmUps new professional learning course. It’s free and open to non-members!

What’s in Word Study 101?

In this course, you will discover why building word knowledge is so complex and why systematic instruction at the word level is necessary. Guiding questions are:

  • What does it mean to unweave word knowledge?
  • What strands of word knowledge result in reading challenges for students?
  • What is systematic instruction?
  • How do you implement systematic word study instruction?

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