Words Sorts: Double Consonant

Students in 3rd- and 4th-grades should fluent spell words with double consonants. They should learn that double consonants create short vowel sounds.

In this post you will find word sorts that distinguish double consonants (short vowel) from single consonants (long vowel).

Word Sorts with Double Consonants

Students can practice sorting words based on the double consonant pattern. Short vowels will go on one side and long vowels on the other.

Word sorts with double consonants.

You can make it more complex by sorting short vowels with double consonants, short vowels with single consonants, and long vowels.


Double consonants are easy to spot, which makes a fairly easy spelling pattern to learn. However, students will benefit from spiral review over time (read why and how spiral review helps spelling skills).

Double consonants are addressed in the spiral warmups unit Spelling 3: Inflected Endings.

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