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Using the $25 Gift

Use the code above "GIFT25FEEDBACK" to sign up or renew an Awesome Annual Membership. Find the "Have a coupon?" button to apply the $25 gift.

Claim Your $25 Gift Now!

Use coupon code: GIFT25FEEDBACK when registering for the Awesome Annual.

Where Do I Use the Code?

There's a "Have a coupon?" button near the bottom of the sign up page. That's where you type the $25 gift code, "GIFT25FEEDBACK".

Awesome Gift, Awesome Membership

The $25 gift applies to the Awesome Annual Membership, which gives you access to every warm-up (Word Study, Fluency Builder, and Comprehension) we have!


  • Monthly Progress Monitoring
  • Members Only Professional Learning
  • Legacy Warm-Ups

Claim your gift by clicking the link below. It will take you to the registration page for the Awesome Annual Membership.

Claim Your $25 Gift Now!

Use coupon code: GIFT25FEEDBACK