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Why Should I Become an Awesome Member?

When a student struggles to read, life comes to a stand-still. Literally. 

Meaning stops. Eye-tracking stops. Comprehension stops. Everything.

If asked to read in front of peers, most students who struggle to read would rather lose recess or have lunch detention. It’s an emotional event that we’d never wish on our own children.

Struggling to read can come from many factors, and that’s why Spiral WarmUps exists…

…To help you spiral the most essential fundamental reading skills into your daily routine, so students can deeply master the decoding, fluency, and comprehension skills necessary for reading success.

But you know as well as any reading teacher, there’s way too much to juggle to even consider planning and preparing daily spiral warm-ups into your reading/writing routines. You probably have:

  • Curriculum Standards
  • Reading/Writing Workshop
  • Lucy Calkins
  • Standardized Testing
  • Guided Reading Groups
  • Grades or Standards-based Scoring
  • PLC Meetings

…and so much more on your plate!

But what happens when there are more reading levels and individualized needs in your class than you can handle?

Someone falls through the cracks.

It might be missing a lower reading group a day or two each week or not pushing your higher readers far enough. Yet it has nothing to do with how great you are as a teacher. It’s just the limits of time and resources.

What’s a solution?

The Awesome Membership
It’s a 3 to 6-minute spiral warm-up routine for grades 2-6 that actually targets the skills that are proven to help students at all levels!

Literacy Sequences Make Planning Simple.

The last thing a great teacher needs is one more program added to her plate. That’s why the Awesome membership comes with a preloaded set of literacy sequences.

Literacy sequences make planning simple by aligning the overall needs of your students to the warm-ups best matched to the zone of proximal development.

Simply select your level, and begin. The year of warm-ups is planned.

Spiral WarmUps Literacy Sequences

Word Study That Matters to Reading Growth.

There are many word study programs that result in good word study activities. They have beautiful stations, magnetic word sorts, and all kinds of materials to prepare.

That’s not us.

We have a passion for stripping curriculum and instruction down to the core features that result in the biggest amount of reading growth!

Plus, we believe no-prep is critical. Let us work on the prep, you can focus on the students.

In the Awesome membership, word study includes:

  • orthography
  • morphology
  • decoding fluency
  • word meaning 
  • context clues

What’s more, the warm-ups are presented in engaging and fast-paced video-based activities that students love to do!

All this is with no prep from you.

Spiral WarmUps Awesome Reading Comprehension Warm-Ups
Spiral WarmUps Awesome Word Study
Spiral WarmUps Awesome Fluency Builder

The warm-ups are easy to navigate and begin each day.

Reading Comprehension in Videos and Task Card Projectables.

I’m sure you’ve noticed, students can sit and read a book for 20-30 minutes. They can even talk about what they read.

However, when faced with higher-level multiple-choice questions, it seems like they freeze!

That’s because open-ended discussion doesn’t imply a right/wrong answer. Multiple-choice questions do. It takes a great deal of reading confidence to be able to state, “I believe this answer is correct, and I have text evidence to support my thinking!”

That’s what our reading comprehension warm-ups focus on – inferential and literal comprehension using text evidence as support. To build comprehension students practice:

  • open-ended questions
  • written reading response
  • multiple choice questions
  • video-based fluency building
  • finding text evidence

As an Awesome member, you’ll have unlimited access to video and task card projectable warm-ups for grades 3-6.

Reading Fluency with Progress Monitoring

Fluency is the most common “bottle-neck” in reading growth. When fluency breaks down, so does comprehension.

The great news is fluency is also one of the easiest reading skills to improve.

Fluency Builder is our 7 week program of daily warm-ups with weekly progress monitoring – again all video-based with no prep on your behalf.

What Else Is Included With The Awesome Membership?

The Awesome Membership doesn’t end with reading comprehension, fluency, and word study warm-ups. There are also:

  • Professional Learning Resources
  • Risk-Free Guarantee
  • New Resources Each Month

Professional Learning

If you have questions or need fresh ideas to boost reading levels, you have never-ending access to our growing library of professional learning courses.

Each course is self-paced and provides 1-3 hours of independent study CPE credit.

Risk-Free Guarantee

There are no payment contracts with the Awesome membership.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Awesome Membership, you may cancel with a simple click in your membership dashboard. No further payments required. 

What do you want for your students?

Better Reading Comprehension, Expansive Vocabularies, Increased Reading Levels, Flawless Fluency, Strong Spelling Skills?

Let’s get started building stronger readers and writers.