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Spiral Review, Long-Term Retention

How will spiral review impact long-term retention for your students’ learning? Spiral review can have a major impact on long-term retention. Cognitive scientist Jerome Bruner wrote decades ago (1960), “Even the most complex material, if properly structured and presented, can be understood.” You can take a basic skill such as spelling the long A sound […]

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Word Sorts to Build Automaticity [Research Base]

In this research brief, you will discover how word sorts can build automaticity in reading fluency and writing. I’ll present four research studies and quickly highlight how the findings inform research-based word sorts in a word study curriculum. Research-Based Word Sorts Word sorts are word learning activities that require students to use a variety of […]

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Comprehension Killer and 8 Ways to Use Word Study

Word study kills reading comprehension. Plain and simple. But there are ways to use word study to save reading comprehension…and that’s what I’m going to show you. If you teach in upper elementary or middle school, you know you don’t have time for word study. You have to prepare for reading standards and standardized comprehension […]

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