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Guided Reading, Plus Phoneme-Grapheme Mapping

Guided reading is a powerful and well-researched approach to boosting reading comprehension, reading skills, and reading levels. Phoneme-Grapheme mapping is a lesser-known activity but is equally powerful to help students in their reading skills. What happens when reading teachers combine these two? When combined, these two instructional methods can create amazing reading gains! This is […]

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Why is Grammar Important?

Why isn’t there much time, if any, devoted to grammar these days? Should there be? Why is grammar important? Grammar has a bad rep because back in the 1980s many classrooms taught grammar – and that’s all. That was the course Language Arts.  And boy was it horrid. It was one rule after another without any purpose, […]

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Spiral Review, Long-Term Retention

How will spiral review impact long-term retention for your students’ learning?Spiral review can have a major impact on long-term retention. Cognitive scientist Jerome Bruner wrote decades ago (1960), “Even the most complex material, if properly structured and presented, can be understood.” You can take a basic skill such as spelling the long A sound with the […]

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