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Grammar is not often discussed in ELAR standards or in curricular resources today. So we thought we’d give a quick glance into the research on grammar. Specifically, we are curious about the role grammar plays in literacy skills. We have questions such as: Does grammar increase spelling skills? Does grammar have a positive effect on

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Research Based Reading Instruction Includes 4 Key Ingredients


Explicit, clear, and concise explanations.


A planned, incremental sequence of skills.


Skills build from day to day. One step at a time.


Repeated practice of previously learned skills – over time.

It’s one of the best tools for reading instruction and assessment of student reading skills growth – oral reading fluency assessment. It’s simple to administer, we have them embedded into our progress monitoring tools at Spiral WarmUps, and they can be administered in a variety of settings (small group, whole class, online, formal, informal, etc).

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This quick article presents the research behind student learning during COVID as it pertains to reading competencies. But before we look at the research let’s recap some common sense. Ask any teacher, and you’ll get one of two stories: Ask any parent who withdrew their child from school during COVID (2020-2021), and you will also

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Guided reading is a powerful and well-researched approach to boosting reading comprehension, reading skills, and reading levels. Phoneme-Grapheme mapping is a lesser-known activity but is equally powerful to help students in their reading skills. What happens when reading teachers combine these two? When combined, these two instructional methods can create amazing reading gains! This is

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Spelling is an important skill for writing, but did you know it is a powerful way to quickly measure student growth? A spelling assessment that is properly designed for progress monitoring can be used periodically to gauge overall student growth in reading and writing skills. We’re designing spelling assessments for this purpose – more on

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