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Unit: Fluency 1 Tutorials

The course Word Fluency builds concepts and mastery of word automaticy, decoding skills, and the alphabetic principle.

Fluency 1 is the first unit in the Word Fluency course and focuses on consonant blends.

View the Fluency 1 Unit here. 

Fluency 1 Days 1-10

Not sure if Fluency 1 is the right starting spot for your students? 

Read this day-by-day description of the challenges and scaffolds in the first two weeks of the unit, Fluency 1. Read more here.

Fluency 1 Activities

The first unit of study in our Word Fluency Course is Fluency 1. 

In this brief overview, you'll learn about the activities that students will do, including word sums, Word Racer, word sorts, Give it a the tutorial here.

Unit: Spelling 1 Tutorials

Spelling 1 [Before You Begin]

The first unit of study in our Spelling Course is Spelling 1. 

To get the best results, here are two quick tips you should know before starting this unit. Read the tutorial here.

Spelling 1 Tutorial #2 [Day 3 - Sorting Tips]

Before you get to Day 3 and 5, there are some important tips to know about. These tips will help you prepare your students for the challenges in the Spiral Reviews.

Read the tutorial here.

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Getting Started

1. Register Your Account

Where to register and what to expect in the confirmation email.

​2. How to Login

After you set up your new and Free Word Student Warm-Ups account, you simply log in at This tutorial covers how to log in and where you go after login.

3. Member Dashboard & Units

This tutorial covers how to navigate your dashboard and how to get to your warm-ups.

4. Using the Warm-Ups

This tutorial covers how to navigate the unit page, which houses the 20 warm-ups.

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