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How to Use the Warm-Ups

Fluency 1 Days 1-10

Not sure if Fluency 1 is the right starting spot for your students? This

View the tutorial.

Read this day-by-day description of the challenges and scaffolds in the first two weeks of the unit, Fluency 1. Read more here.

Fluency 1 Activities

The first unit of study in our Word Fluency Course is Fluency 1.

View the tutorial.

Here's a brief overview of the activities that students will do, including word sums, Word Racer, word sorts, Give it a the tutorial here.

Three Word Study Tips to Get Started

8 Ways to Use Word Study Warm-Ups

Getting Started

1. Register Your Account

Where to register and what to expect in the confirmation email.

​2. How to Login

After you set up your new and Free Word Student Warm-Ups account, you simply log in at This tutorial covers how to log in and where you go after login.

3. Member Dashboard & Units

This tutorial covers how to navigate your dashboard and how to get to your warm-ups.

4. Using the Warm-Ups

This tutorial covers how to navigate the unit page, which houses the 20 warm-ups.

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