Literacy Sequences

Literacy Sequences map out the word study warm-ups based on your students’ needs. They are a strategic sequence of spiral review.

Literacy Sequences Are In Member Accounts

Literacy sequences are also a strategic scope. This is where the scope of the learning sequence is critical. It must be tailored to the specific needs of readers at each level of literacy development.

Literacy Sequences are Based on Reading Levels

Students need their spiral review to match their proficiency at various levels of text complexity. And each text level requires mastery of its own literacy skill sets.

There are syllabication patterns, word parts, and varying degrees of difficulty with sentence structure that students must master in incremental steps. Bit by bit, over time. Students need a sequenced spiral review that matches their needs. Drip by drip.

How to Choose: Choose the literacy sequence that’s appropriate for your grade level or that best matches most (70-80%) of your students.

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