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Pins for Reading Teachers

We made these Pins for you, so you can pin, share, and spread good ideas for reading instruction. But we know there are some Negative Nellies out there… If a principal tells you, “Pinterest is not the place to get ideas,” then they’ve totally misunderstood the value of collaboration! Pinterest is the online equivalent of […]

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Guided Reading Resources

Guided reading doesn’t have to be a headache. It doesn’t need to be chaos. It sure doesn’t need to be ineffective. That’s why we’re excited to share these guided reading resources with you! The video below gives a 2-step strategy for guided reading documentation and data along with a free template for you to use […]

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Literacy Block Schedules

  to Fit It All In!There are so many demands on your time as a reading/writing teacher. Especially if you’re in a tested grade level or if any significant portion of your students come to you a little below grade level. So let’s look at literacy block scheduling that fits the priorities and gets results. WARNING: If […]

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Spelling Warm-Ups with Taps and Claps

Spelling Warm-Ups Activity: Taps and Claps ​Integrate multi-modal learning easily with this challenging spelling warm-ups activity. <img class=”size-full wp-image-761 aligncenter” src=”https://spiralwarmups.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Taps-and-Claps-Spelling-Warm-ups-800.jpg” alt=”This is a multi-modal spelling activity that boost spelling and reading fluency.” scale=”0″> The spelling warm-ups in our Spelling 1 unit are the easiest way to have total active participation and multi-sensory spelling instruction!  […]

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