Four Schedules for Literacy Block | Spiral Review (Free Download)

Four Schedules for Literacy Block

With our new reading comprehension warm-ups releasing in just a few days, I wanted to give you four ways you can plan daily spiral review into your literacy block – whether you have 45 minutes or 2 hours.

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But first, a word on the importance of consistently planning time for daily spiral review.Four literacy block schedules for fitting spiral review into your lesson plans.


Why Daily Spiral Review for Reading Comprehension

We covered the brain research behind spiral review, and we’ve discussed the impact spiral review has on long-term retention, so I’ll spare you the technical stuff (but I do recommend reading those articles).

The key here is daily spiral review, but not spiral instruction. It must be systematic and consistent, and it must be short, not even a mini-lesson. The results are:

  • improved mastery of skills that have been taught
  • deepening of students’ background knowledge
  • repeated exposure to a variety of genres
  • increased fluency

You can more on results, with this case study where students had over 200% growth in daily spiral review!

Successful spiral review in reading requires one thing - it must be DAILY (and no-prep resources help).Click To Tweet

Scheduling for Spiral Review

Reading comprehension, vocabulary, and word study all can be scheduled for spiral review, but it sure helps to have the right tools.

A good scheduling plan helps, but a no-prep spiral review resource makes it even easier, so you can focus on planning your core instruction knowing that your daily reading spiral review is taken care of.

Download The Schedules

Literacy Block Schedule 1

The first sample schedule fits reading spiral review into the initial 3-6 minutes of class time. It’s a traditional warm-up. Then word study spiral review is scheduled into the word study time on an (as needed basis).

Literacy Block Schedule 2

The next sample schedule follows Lucy Calkin’s Workshop Model, and the spiral warm-up is sliced between the reading workshop and writing workshop for a quick mental break for students – plus, it gives you 3-6 minutes to change gears and informally assess students.

Literacy Block Schedule 3

The third schedule is built around 30-60 minutes of student-centered work such as daily 5, stations, or centers, and the spiral review starts the day as a warm-up before a quick mini-lesson.

Literacy Block Schedule 4

The final sample literacy block plan is built for technology-rich classrooms, but the spiral review is in the initial 3-6 minutes as a spiral warm-up prior to a 5-15 minute mini-lesson and interactive read aloud.

Reading Comprehension Warm-Ups FAQ

I hope you enjoy the sample literacy block schedules. In the next post, I’m going to answer all of the questions about the reading comprehension warm-ups from your survey responses and from the comments below, so please take a moment to leave a question in the comments!

Download The Schedules


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  • Denise says:

    When will they be ready? I’m excited to see how they work.

  • Jordan says:

    What levels will there be? I teach an intervention class for 7th and 8th graders. I’m looking for reading comprehension, but well below that level.

  • Athena C. says:

    I heard you mention task cards will those be printable or on the computer?

  • Monica says:

    Do the warm-ups align to common core?

    • Erica H says:

      Hey Monica! Yes. The reading comprehension warm-ups align with the common core: foundational skills (fluency), the ideas and details strands, and the craft and structure strands.

  • Misty A says:

    looking forward to seeing what these look like

  • Nikki says:

    Will suggested lessons be provided? Can I use them with my curriculum?

    • Matt says:

      That’s a great question…in the next video, I’m going to share how to use the spiral warm-ups with any set of standards or curriculum – there will not be lesson plans, but I will show you why you don’t need them. You will be able to use the reading comprehension warm-ups with any curriculum regardless of your pacing calendars!

      • Erica H says:

        Hey Matt, be sure to include how to use spiral warmups for reading comprehension – without needing to use! Anyone can integrate spiral review, even without a membership here…it just takes more work.

  • […] is a post that gives you four literacy block schedules to help you work the daily spiral review into your reading lesson […]

  • says:

    I just purchased the 3-5 min review. I have 2 questions that I must have missed in the video. In the 1st set of task cards there are no “set answers” & I cannot find answers @ the end of the cards. In the 2nd set of task cards, it gives a., b.,cc answer choices, but I cannot find where the students check their answers. Thank you for your help.

    • Erica H says:

      Thanks for joining the Awesome Membership! I think you’re looking at the Inferring Main Ideas: Inferring Main Idea #01-05…if so, I see there is no answer key posted. I’ll be sure to upload that, and you’ll find it as a download link on the page. Thanks for pointing that out.
      We have two new tutorial videos coming out: 1) to describe the task card warm-ups and 2) to describe the interactive videos. They will address some FAQs we’re receiving.
      Please let me know if that clears it up for you!

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