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Comprehension Instructional Strategy Pack 2019

In our recent blog post, Reading Comprehension Strategies, we shared the only 9 comprehension strategies that you’ll ever need to teach. But we didn’t really offer any instructional strategies that you can use.

Here is our free instructional strategy pack updated with new strategies for 2019!

It’s free to download right here in your membership account. If you are new to Spiral WarmUp and don’t have an account, you can join for free here.

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What strategies are in this 2019 pack?

  • Speed Chatting
  • Context Strategies
  • 5-2 Infer
  • Sticky Note Support
  • Thought Galleries
  • What? This. Why?
  • Thought Talks

This is Not Test Prep

These are not worksheets, and they’re not test prep. They are highly engaging, active learning strategies that allow students to read, write, talk, and think through the reading comprehension strategies.

Comprehension Instructional Strategy Pack 2019 - TeamTom Education
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Download this free instructional strategy pack in your account here.






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