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Word Meaning Warm-Ups are Expanding

If you’re interested in expanding your students’ vocabulary, then you’re going to love the fact that our word meaning warm-ups are expanding!

Today, we posted five more days of warm-ups in the free word study warm-ups, and tomorrow we’ll post five more!

That’s a total of 10 more days added to the word meaning warm-ups.

These word meaning warm-ups continue the same three activities in the previous two weeks of warm-ups:

  1. Context Matching
  2. Word Matrix
  3. Quiz

The vocabulary levels are increased to help you expand the word knowledge of 4th- and 5th-graders. They’re also great for reteaching and deepening word knowledge in 6th-grade.

Here’s a sample of the words students will encounter in the new word meaning warm-ups:

  • agile
  • analyze
  • annual
  • attempt
  • awkward
  • anxious
  • appeal
  • appropriateness
  • assist
  • approximate

If you’re already a Free Word Study member or an Awesome member, you can access the warm-ups here.

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