Decoding Fluency 1 (Updates!)

The new decoding fluency warm-ups are newly revised and available to all of our free Word Study Members and our Awesome Members! These are 20 days of spiral review focused on building fluency with the most essential decoding skills for late 2nd-grade and 3rd-grade. They also are tailored for reteaching or intervention in grades 3-6.

What’s included in the Decoding Fluency 1 updates?

  • 20 Days of New Warm-Ups
  • Easier-to-Use Navigation
  • New Video Sequence
  • Focused Activities

What are the Focused Activities?

The original warm-ups included numerous activities. This major update focuses on direct teaching and three practice activities:

  1. Choral Reading
  2. Give It A Shot!
  3. Word Racer

What is Decoding Fluency 1?

These are the first 20 days of warm-ups in the Word Fluency warm-up curriculum. Weeks 1-2 are basic decoding skills, and weeks 3-4 are advanced consonant blends with increased decoding speed.

Where Do I Get These Warm-Ups?

The warm-ups are included in all of our memberships, including the free level. Have you joined?

Explore the memberships here or login to your member dashboard here.


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