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New Inferring Main Idea Warm-Ups!

We just revised spiral review 21-25: Inferring Main Ideas! The Inferring Main Idea Spiral Reviews 21-25 focus on biographies with multiple-choice and open-ended main idea questions. Students will read about Mrs. Baird’s bread business and American hero Hector P. Garcia.

There are five days of warm-ups with two task card projectables each day.

Multiple Choice

The first card each day has a “test prep” style main idea card. It is written at an upper elementary text complexity. This can be used for silent reading or as a shared reading. We recommend using one of the following engaging techniques:

  • Four Corners
  • Plickers
  • Heads Down Thumbs Up

Open-Ended Question

The second card each day tells the student the main idea.  It then asks the student to find details to support the main idea. This card requires students to make a connection between the text evidence in the paragraph and the idea given to them. For example:

The main idea in this paragraph is, Hector was a brave military leader. 

What are 3 details to support this idea?

Students reread the text and write three details connect to the idea that Hector was a brave military leader.

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For more tips and ideas on using the task card projectables, see our Product Tutorials page or browse the Knowledge Base.





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