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Reading Strategy Warm-Ups

We just released new comprehension strategies warm-ups! They’re focused on 5 of the nine reading comprehension strategies: Author’s Craft Making Connections Summarizing Asking Questions Making Predictions They’re available to all Awesome members, and you can find them in your member dashboard or by clicking here. The reading strategy warm-ups provide two task card projectables per […]

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The Only 9 Reading Comprehension Strategies Your Students Will Ever Need!

9 Reading Comprehension StrategiesThese are the only 9 reading comprehension strategies you’ll ever need to teach! Seriously. All reading comprehension comes from these reading strategies. Three of the reading comprehension strategies require thinking beyond the text, and six of the strategies involve thinking with the text. In this post you’ll discover:The 9 Reading Comprehension StrategiesWhy Reading Comprehension […]

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Literacy Sequences

The key to spiral review is consistency. But you already know that. You also know how challenging it can be to consistently deliver small snippets of reading skills, word study, and comprehension tasks. With consistent spiral review, it’s like a snowball. Students’ reading and spelling skills cumulate massively over time. Simply stated, it can be hard to […]

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New Inferring Main Idea Warm-Ups!

We just revised spiral review 21-25: Inferring Main Ideas! The Inferring Main Idea Spiral Reviews 21-25 focus on biographies with multiple-choice and open-ended main idea questions. Students will read about Mrs. Baird’s bread business and American hero Hector P. Garcia. There are five days of warm-ups with two task card projectables each day. Multiple Choice The first card each […]

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Making Inferences: New Warm-Ups!

In our recent August survey, 200+ teachers overwhelming requested more making inferences task card projectables, so we just uploaded a new week of warm-ups for our Awesome Members! These are not basic inferences! You can find four weeks of basic inferences starting here, which are perfect for grades 2 and 3. These new warm-ups are […]

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Daily Spiral Review for Reading Comprehension

Daily Spiral Review, Reading ComprehensionBest Strategy for Reading ComprehensionThis is not just any strategy. This is the single best strategy you can use to increase reading comprehension! And that’s a hard claim to make, I know.(I welcome your thoughts in the comments at the bottom of this post!) You use engaging instruction, interactive tasks, anchor charts, mentor […]

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Phoneme-Grapheme Mapping

SaveSavePhoneme-grapheme mapping is a research-based activity that helps early and transitional readers build word recognition skills. Phonemes are the sounds we hear in words. Graphemes are the letters that represent the sounds. This activity can be challenging for 3rd and 4th-grade students – even your strong readers! With a little bit of practice, it will help […]

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Questions About Word Study Spiral Warm-Ups

Do you have questions about word study at  You’re not the only one. Over the last 3 weeks we’ve collected awesome feedback and questions about the free word study warm-ups here at This article will give a quick overview of the questions and answers so far. More details questions about word study warm-ups are in the […]

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