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Making Inferences: New Warm-Ups!

In our recent August survey, 200+ teachers overwhelming requested more making inferences task card projectables, so we just uploaded a new week of warm-ups for our Awesome Members!

Spiral Warm-Ups for Reading Comprehension, Making Inferences New Warm-Ups

These are not basic inferences! You can find four weeks of basic inferences starting here, which are perfect for grades 2 and 3.

These new warm-ups are designed to challenge 3rd-graders and beginning of the year 4th-graders. They’re perfect for strengthening comprehension strategies as 5th- and 6th-grade review.

Where are the Making Inferences Warm-Ups?

You can get to them from your member dashboard, or jump straight to them on the following pages:

[one_third_first]First Week of Inferencing[/one_third_first][one_third][/one_third][one_third_last]The Full List of Comprehension Warm-Ups[/one_third_last]

The New Warm-Ups

A few features in the new making inferences warm-ups include:

  • Reading Level (7.2 ATOS)
  • Estimated Lexile 900L-1000L
  • Aligned to Standards
  • Three task cards projectables per day
  • One new text for each day
  • Two open-ended questions for discussion, guided practice, or peer talk
  • One multiple-choice question
Use above level-text complexities for shared reading paired with on-level questioning. This will push reading ability without creating reading frustration.Click To Tweet

Ideas for the Open-Ended Questions

Teachers have shared with us a few great ideas for using the open-ended questions during the warm-up:

  • Have students talk about the question.
  • Then ask students to write a short answer response.
  • Randomly call on 2-3 students to share out their written response.
  • Repeat for the next open-ended question.
  • Then move on to the multiple-choice question.
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Ideas for the Multiple-Choice Questions

You can ask the students to complete the multiple-choice question and then tell them the answer, or you can:

  • Ask students to leave their answers on their desks for you to check as they go to four corners (each corner represents their answer choice).
  • Do a quick Heads Down Thumbs Up – Students raise their thumb if they chose A, then B, and so on. This allows you to gauge who chose which answer.
  • After answering the question, tell students the wrong answers and ask them why they’re wrong.

I’m sure you have many more ways to use the task card projectable, especially the new Making Inferences Warm-Ups! Please take a moment to add your ideas in the comments below.





2 responses to “Making Inferences: New Warm-Ups!”

  1. Christina

    Thanks for the ideas! I like to use four corners also. Students write their answers on sticky notes and carry the stickies with them to the corners.
    The students will call out if someone doesn’t have the sticky note that “lets them in” the corner! They love it

    1. I love that idea! Thanks for sharing, Christina…we’ll have to add that to our product tutorials.

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