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The New Reading Comprehension Warm-Ups

Reading Comprehension Warm-Ups

We’ve been working on something for you – reading comprehension warm-ups: ideas and details, craft and structure, integration of knowledge and skills, and fluency with an appropriate level of text complexity.

Build reading comprehension with daily spiral warmups!

So far, we have 75 days of warm-ups created…we’re gathering feedback from 600+ teachers to develop the next phase, and then we’re moving into fluency and vocabulary!

Give your input here.

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What’s in the Reading Comprehension Warm-Ups?

The warm-ups are targeted on literal meaning and inferential thinking – both aspects of reading comprehension are required to build stronger readers and writers.

Literal Meaning Warm-Ups:

  • Story Elements
  • Types of Details
  • Stated Main Ideas
  • Animated Warm-Ups
  • Text-Based Questions
  • Turn and Talk
  • Timed Reading and Response

Inferential Thinking Warm-Ups:

  • Ideas and Details
  • Inferring Theme
  • Supporting Ideas with Text Evidence
  • Summarizing
  • Author’s Craft
  • Character Analysis
  • Drawing Conclusions

Are the Warm-Ups No-Prep?

Yes, the reading comprehension warm-ups are no-prep, interactive, and include a variety of activities that require students to read closely, reread, use text evidence, read fluently, talk about the text, and answer questions in a variety of formats.

There’s no printing, no-prep, no planning required. Just match the warm-up to the skills you want to review and press start.

Learn more by signing up for our free Word Study Warm-Ups here, or comment below to ask any questions you may have.

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