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Short Vowel Spelling Assessment [Level 1]

BETA VERSION: We are beta testing student assessments. Feel free to use and provide feedback in the commnets below or via email. Thanks and happy learning!

This short vowel spelling assessment allows students to identify correctly spelled words with short vowels. 

Students can earn up to 20 points and the quiz follows the unidimensional best practice. The final score can be recorded by the teacher or graphed on a student goal-setting page.

Try your best! When you are finished you can email the results to your teacher.

Quiz #1

Directions: Identify the correctly spelled word. Focus on short vowels. If you get it wrong, you will try another word just like it. If you identify the correct short vowel spelling, you will move on to a more challenging word.

When you're finished with the short vowel spelling quiz, you will have the option to email the results to your teacher. 

Your teacher may choose to print the results or simply come see your score and record it. Be sure to check with your teacher before you exit this page.

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