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Spelling Warm-Ups (New Spiral Reviews)

Our newest spiral warm-ups are finished and ready to publish. Your dashboard will soon show spiral reviews 1-5 in your Spelling warm-ups!

Who will benefit from these spelling warm-ups? What spelling activities will students do in these spiral reviews? In this post you will:

  • Preview the spelling spiral review activities.
  • Discover prerequisite skills students need in these spelling warm-ups.
The variety of spelling warm-up activities in this spiral review will amaze!

Spelling Warm-Ups, Solidify Learning

Have you ever taught a spelling skill or pattern and students don’t use it in their writing? It’s because the learning isn’t solidified.

That’s what spiral review will do for spelling skills.

  • Systematically builds on Word Fluency units.
  • Uses two different activities for learning.
  • Visual learning occurs during sorts (seeing orthographic patterns).
  • Instant feedback during the Speed Speller activity.
  • Retention is boosted with triple modality learning: auditory, visual, and tactile.
Consonant Blends and Digraphs are taught in the Spelling Warm-Ups

The Spelling Warm-Ups are Easy to Use

Great curriculum allows you to focus on teaching and learning, not materials and resources. That’s what the new spelling spiral review does.

Here are a few tips to make the learning so very easy (yet still rigorous) for students.

  1. Students will need some prerequisite knowledge that is covered in Fluency 1 and Fluency 2 warm-ups.
  2. The concept of a consonant digraph is directly taught. You can quickly question the class before or after the war​m-up to ensure they understand.
  3. Remind students that the warm-ups are timed, so they must listen to directions and be ready to act. This is not a passive video!

The new spelling spiral warm-ups have two main learning activities.

  1. Word Sort
  2. Speed Speller​
Spelling Warm-Ups for grades 2-5
Spelling Word Sorts

The word sorts are a perfect complement to the taps and claps activity in days 2, 3, 4, 6, and 9.

Students will have 60 seconds to read a list of 6 words. Then they will write the words in an open sort. An open sort is rigorous and challenging for 3rd-, 4th-, and 5th-graders because it:

  • Builds pattern recognition skills.
  • Requires students to contrast the spelling patterns in each word.
  • Builds fluency with the timer.
Word Sorts in Spelling Warm-Ups
Speed Speller

Speed Speller builds on the skills learned in days 2, 3, 4, 6, and 9 when students did the Closer Look activity. In speed speller students simply write and word after hearing it.

The students only have 10 seconds to spell the word. After the 10 seconds, students will see and hear the correct spelling. This instant feedback helps them learn from mistakes.​

Stronger Readers and Writers

Students will be frustrated in the first 1-3 warm-ups because of the challenge. You might think the spelling patterns are too basic, but wait and see.

Students aren’t accustomed to this level of intense fluency building in word study – especially not in spelling. Encourage the students and be amazed at how quickly they develop fluency with spelling!

Follow the tips above and watch as students build confidence in both their reading and writing! This is the power of spelling warm-ups spiral review.

Do you have questions? Please comment below or email our team.

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    I am a new teacher in an Autistic Support Elementary classroom & I need to find the best way to teach 8 students on 8 different levels. Thank you for such a wonderful program.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Are you finding a good match between the word study units and some of your students’ levels?

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