Spiral Warmups with No Holding Back

We’re not holding back – these word study spiral warm-ups are totally free.

Really? Free? Yes. Keep reading to see if they're right for you.

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In this post you will find:

  1. What spiralwarmups.com will do for you.
  2. What spiralwarmups.com will not do.
  3. How much it will cost.
  4. What warm-up activities are included?
  5. Word study alignment.

Here’s what SpiralWarmups.com will do for you:

  • Review word study concepts and skills daily
  • Segmented into 3-5 minutes each day
  • Boost retention from your mini-lessons and guided reading lessons
  • Provide relearning opportunities
  • Practice decoding
  • Build fluency
  • Build word meanings and knowledge of affixes

Here’s what SpiralWarmups.com will not do:

  • Require daily copying and prep work
  • Cost you money
  • Require you to buy resources from TeachersPayTeachers
  • Take time to set up and use
  • Wash your dishes…but it pretty much solves every other problem!

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Word Study is Free

We’re developing the world’s only online spiral warm-up for word study! We figured to take it one step further and offer it for free. Sure, more warm-ups are out on the horizon, but our first is word study, and it’s free!

You can Sign Up Here!

Word Study Activities

What kind of activities can an online warm-up give to students? How engaging is it? How rigorous is it?

The instructional activities:

  • short, direct instruction from another teacher
  • identifying spelling patterns from an audible word
  • choosing the correct spelling pattern for a word
  • rapid identification of phonological patterns
  • decoding fluency

Engaging activities for students:

  • setting goals for mastery
  • monitoring progress
  • earn points each week
  • timed and competitive
  • quiz games

Word Study Rigor and Alignment

Spiralwarmups.com aligns with several sources for the word lists and activities.

  • All state standards and common core standards align with developmental decoding and word study
  • Dolch words and Fry high-frequency words
  • Spiralwarmups.com also aligns with developmental decoding and word study principles as found in our research base.
  • Alignment with Word Their Way, Fountas and Pinnell Word Study, and Istation word study scope and sequence

Don’t miss out. Our launch is coming in August, and we want you to have access to this free membership!

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  • What about some things for K-1 that K students could begin after Christmas? I like word study, but I am a Kindergarten teacher looking for age/ability appropriate resources for my little ones. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

    • I love that idea! Thanks for sharing it…I’ll need to do some research, but I think it would be really cool. With cartoon characters, word sorts, and videos. What do you think?

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