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  • Another Week of Word Sorts (Affixes)

    Another Week of Word Sorts (Affixes)

    Last week, we announced three new weeks of word sorts for affixes (including both prefixes and suffixes)…but that wasn’t enough! We just released another week of affix word sorts with advanced upper elementary suffixes. These suffixes word sorts increase the complexity of word knowledge beyond the basic words in Word Sort Spiral Reviews 1-15: ness,…

  • Affixes Word Sorts (Prefixes and Suffixes)

    Affixes Word Sorts (Prefixes and Suffixes)

    New release for all members! Free word study warm-ups and more extended word sorts for Awesome Members! These warm-ups were among the highest requested from our recent member survey…we’re also developing a fluency pilot and grammar warm-ups. These warm-ups are all animated word sorts, which are an essential word learning strategy, according to research. Categorizing…