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Affixes Word Sorts (Prefixes and Suffixes)

New release for all members! Free word study warm-ups and more extended word sorts for Awesome Members!

These warm-ups were among the highest requested from our recent member survey…we’re also developing a fluency pilot and grammar warm-ups.

These warm-ups are all animated word sorts, which are an essential word learning strategy, according to research. Categorizing words based on patterns – morphological patterns in this case – helps students make sense of complex words.


Affixes Word Sorts Week 1

The first week of word sorts help students build decoding and spelling fluency with word parts: re, pre, un, non, im, in, dis. Most words are 5-8 letters in length and are perfect for 3rd-4th-graders.

Affixes Words Sorts Week 2

The study in morphology continues with suffixes word sorts to build decoding and spelling fluency with word parts: ed, ing, ful, less, ness, ly, able, ible, er, and est.

Affixes Word Sorts Week 3

These prefixes word sorts build focus on word parts most commonly found in academic words: de, dis, trans, sub, inter, mid, and semi. These word parts build essential word knowledge for advanced readers and spellers.

[NEW March 21, 2018] Another week! That’s right a 4th week of word sorts.


Free Word Study members can access the warm-ups on the word study units page.

Awesome Members will have access to all four weeks on the extended word study page.


Not a member? No Problem. Click below to start today.

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Free Word Study | Word Sorts for Prefixes and Suffixes





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