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Task Card Projectibles for Reading Comprehension

Over 400 teachers asked for it, so here they are! The new task card projectibles for reading comprehension warm-ups. These reading spiral reviews are going to be super simple to use, and help you start each day with a no-prep comprehension warm-up!

Preview of Task Card Projectibles

Features of the Task Card Projectibles

We believe you shouldn’t spend your evenings and weekends planning for reading spiral reviews. These features will help:

  • Scaffolding Built-In
  • Three Task Cards Per Day
  • Organized by Genre and Topic of the Text
  • Focused on Comprehension Skills (Key Ideas & Details, Drawing Conclusions)

A few bonus features include:

  • High-interest topics
  • Academic texts to support science and social studies background knowledge
  • Easily align with any state standards, international reading standards, or common core standards

Three Task Cards Per Day

It’s short but perfectly chunked with scaffolding built-in.

Each day includes a single text focused on a single high-level skill. However, the warm-up doesn’t just throw a grade-level challenge at students. It scaffolds them through the thinking process.

Card 1 – Think About It

Accommodated Text: This card segments the text. We know that students with visual processing challenges, dyslexia, or cognitive processing challenges struggle with too much text on a screen. The first card addresses this need by segmenting the text and providing a larger font size.

Scaffolded Questioning: The first card also provides a basic comprehension question that promotes thinking, discussion, and making connections. Use this “Think About It” task card to give students processing time, class discussion time, or peer-to-peer talk.

Card 2 – Stepping It Up

The second task card projectible steps up the text quantity and the cognitive demand of the question. Students will face a multiple-choice question, but it’s not a full-blown test prep question. The purpose of this card is to scaffold student thinking toward the next card.

Card 3 – Target Level

The third card is the target-level comprehension question. This addresses the target skill at a challenging level. However, students will find confidence and success as a result of the scaffolding in the first two task cards.

That’s the aim of the task card projectibles. Helping students find small successes with challenging texts and comprehension questions…Each Day in Small Spiral Reviews.

If you’re new to Spiral Warmups, we invite you to get started for free! And, check out our limited-time offer: Lifetime Access to Spiral WarmUps.

Your Thoughts

Okay, so what do you think? Are excited to try these new task card projectibles in your class? Do you have any questions about the task cards? Drop us a comment down below, and we’ll chat with you!





4 responses to “Task Card Projectibles for Reading Comprehension”

  1. Kelly

    As always, I love your warm-ups!

  2. Allison

    I’m looking forward to sharing these with my teachers. Which grade levels are they for?

    1. Matt

      These specific warm-ups are geared to grades 3-5. Our recent survey was overwhelmingly in that grade range. But we plan to expand them also.

  3. Brenda

    Great idea for the warm-ups! Thanks for releasing new ones.

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