Word Study Launch: A Huge Thank You!

A Huge Thank You for a Successful Word Study Launch!

You are the reason we are providing free word study warm-ups! And thank you for signing up. We've had more signups than expected since the word study launch on August 1st!

If you still have questions about the free Word Study Warm-Ups, this is the right place for you.

I want to share some of the free resources that we've provided and are in the process of developing.

I'd also like to share a quick timeline of what to expect in the next few weeks after our Word Study Launch.

Word Study Launch Free Membership was a huge Success!

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Since the Word Study Launch

You will find a growing knowledge base for help and support. It is in your member dashboard and in the side menu in your account. 

You can login here or at the menu on the top right of the page.

Product Tutorials

We have almost a dozen product tutorials ranging from how to navigate your dashboard to a detailed description of the daily activities in the spiral warm-ups.

You can view the product tutorials here.

Fluency 1

We started our word study launch by rolling out the Fluency 1 Unit. This unit is 20 days of spiral warm-ups. It focuses on:

  • Word recognition skills
  • Building automaticity
  • Decoding consonant blends quickly

Some of the activities in Fluency 1, which are discussed in the product tutorials, are:

  • Word Racer
  • Phoneme-Grapheme Mapping
  • Word Sorts
  • Direct Instruction with Visual Aids
  • Whisper Reader
  • Word Sums
  • Give It A Shot

If you enjoy reading research, we recommend reading this quick research review for word study found on TeamTomEducation.com.

What to Expect Going Forward

Over the next few days and weeks, we will rapidly publish the word study curriculum. The word study launch allowed us to set up your free accounts - NOW it's time to GET TO WORK!

We will be rolling out the following units for the free Word Study Warm-Ups:

  1. Fluency 2: Consonant Digraphs, Vowel Digraphs, and Rapid Decoding
  2. Spelling 1: Vowels, Digraphs, Blends

The Fluency Units focus on word fluency and building automaticity in decoding. The Spelling Units focus on rapid and confident encoding.

Spelling 1 will take the decoding patterns (phonology) from Fluency 1 and Fluency 2 and teach students how to use those patterns for spelling (orthography).

If you missed the Word Study Launch...

Don't worry. There's still room for you.

You can join the free membership at this page: Word Study Free Membership.


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