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Free Word Study Upgrades

The free word study warm-ups are getting major upgrades!

Before next school year, the free word study warm-ups will all be completely new based on your feedback.

The Original Word Study Warm-Ups

When we first released the free word study warm-ups, we really weren’t certain how they would be received. Now, thousands of classrooms later and with amazing reading results, the original word study warm-ups are changing in a good way.

How will they change?

Word Study Warm-Ups

Let’s compare the original word study warm-ups with the new 2019-20 upgrades.


  • 35 Days of Word Fluency
  • 45 Days of Word Building
  • Cartoons
  • Multiple Activities


  • 35 Days of Word Fluency
  • 45 Days of Word Building
  • 10 Days of Word Meaning
  • GIFs and Memes
  • The Most Effective Activities
  • Word Racer, Give It A Shot, Whisper Reader
  • Choral Response, Written Response, Peer Talk

More Warm-Ups

The upgrades use the original word study scope and sequence, but they also add warm-ups to build proficiency with word meaning warm-ups. 

The word meaning warm-ups show allow students to practice syntax and context clues in sentences.

Focused Word Study Activities

After having the original warm-ups in so many classrooms for the last two years, we’ve been able to discover the best activities. 

You’ll notice that the activities are very focused. For example, during the 20 days of Word Fluency warm-ups, students will:

  • Focus on a specific set of consonant blends.
  • Learn blends with direct teaching, modelling, visual aids, and choral response.
  • Practice spiral review with Word Racer and Give It A Shot.
Free Word Study Upgrades 2019 - Word Racer

Why Change the Word Study Warm-Ups?

We’ve learned what works – thanks to all the classrooms who’ve used and provided feedback.

Here are two key discoveries:

1) The pacing of the Free Word Study Warm-Ups was too fast for 2nd grade students.
2) The cartoon theme was too young for most 4th and 5th-grade interventions.

And yet, we still had results that outpaced national averages in spelling and reading level growth!!!

We can’t wait to hear the results after this upgrade!

Where Are the Original Word Study Warm-Ups?

The original word study warm-ups are still accessible for all of our Awesome Members. They are embedded in the literacy sequences and accessed in a designated place in the member dashboard.

Build Stronger Readers & Writers

In the first 2-5 minutes of your lesson, you can have no-prep reteaching of the most essential reading and word study skills.

View the membership options and sign up for free today!





5 responses to “Free Word Study Upgrades”

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  3. Sylvia R

    This is great to hear about the new word study! Will the old warm-ups also be available for free members?

    1. Erica

      Thanks for the comment, Sylvia! The original word study warm-ups will be available in your member dashboard under the Awesome Member tab. Look for “Legacy Warm-Ups”.

  4. MrSwanson

    is there a way to actually see and use the “Free” word study resources with a free membership? OR am I just clicking link after link for no reason. Seriously frustrated.

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