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New Warm-Ups for Back-to-School 2022

We’re always excited to release the new set of warm-ups each semester. However, this year is especially thrilling because we’ve got two brand new areas of focus:

  • Test Prep
  • Grammar

In the past, the new warm-ups focused on the same focal points: comprehension skills, word study, spelling, and fluency.

But now, we’re branching out to include these two critical areas of focus.

Why These Two Areas of Focus?

All of our new warm-ups are based on your feedback (give feedback here) from the classrooms. New warm-ups are also created best on our ongoing review of the newest literature in educational research.

Test Prep Warm-Ups

These warm-ups will combine multiple comprehension skills each day. They are different from our reading comprehension warm-ups because those warm-ups focus on a single skill each day/week. The test prep warm-ups have students practicing a mix of comprehension skills each day. For this reason, the test prep warm-ups are geared toward upper elementary and early middle school students.

Grammar Warm-Ups

These are probably a bit unexpected. Most classrooms don’t have time to focus on grammar. Most reading standards don’t even focus heavily on grammar. Heck, the word itself sounds a bit “old school”. But our recent research on grammar instruction provides evidence that we need to work grammar practice into the school day. These warm-ups will make it easier to do this.

Recent Questions

We received over 400 questions in our recent survey – questions about how to use the warm-ups, what grade levels, and how to scaffold for special needs. We’ll create an FAQ page and share answers in the coming days.

Until then, we’d love your input on this quick, 2-question survey >>

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