[News] Word Study Warm-Ups are Expanding - Spiral Warmups

[News] Word Study Warm-Ups are Expanding

If you’re an Awesome Member, you’ll be glad to know we’re developing activity-based word study warm-ups. We’re starting with Word Sorts and expanding from there.

This week, we pushed out a new week of Word Sort Warm-Up Videos covering five types of consonant blends:

  1. Initial 2-letter blends
  2. Initial 3-letter blends
  3. Medial blends
  4. Final blends
  5. Blends in multi-syllabic words

The Word Sort Warm-Up Videos will continue to expand covering vowel digraphs, inflected endings, affixes, and other advanced spelling patterns. All of these spelling patterns are in the free word study warm-ups. These warm-ups build on those units providing additional spiral reviews.

After expanding the word sort activities, we will provide more warm-ups based on other engaging activities such as Word Racer, Speed Speller, and Whisper Reader.

Thanks for joining us as we build stronger readers and writers. You can browse the new word study warm-ups here: Word Sorts.

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