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[News] Spelling Warm-Ups Unit 3

Spelling 3: Inflected Endings

We’re now rolling out our newest unit for free word study warm-ups. It’s Spelling 3: Inflected Endings. 

This unit is designed for grades 3-6 tier 1 instruction. It begins with direct instruction on inflectional endings and continues into three different activities for students to build spelling fluency:

  1. Word Sorts
  2. Word Builder
  3. Speed Speller

Each activity progressively builds more automaticity and accuracy.

Most spelling programs use inflectional endings for transitional readers in upper elementary. But it also works perfectly for intervention groups in grades 6-8 and for English language learners.

Spelling Skills in Unit 3

  • VCC, VVC -ed (Sort)
  • VCe -ed (Sort)
  • VCC, VVC -s (Sort)
  • Long Vowels [VVC, VCe] and -ing (Sort)
  • Double Consonant with -ing (Sort)
  • Double Consonant with -ed (Sort)
  • Spiral Review in Spelling Unit 3

  • Spiral Review 1 (Word Builder, Speed Speller)
  • Spiral Review 2 (Word Builder, Speed Speller)
  • Spiral Review 3 (Word Builder, Speed Speller)
  • Spiral Review 4 (Word Builder, Speed Speller)
  • The new unit, Spelling 3: Inflected Endings is one unit in our free Word Study Course: Word Building. If you do not have a free account, you can access all of our free warm-ups by registering here.

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