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  • Forced Fluency, The One Strategy for Increasing Reading Fluency

    Forced Fluency, The One Strategy for Increasing Reading Fluency

    If I could only have one strategy for increasing reading fluency, it would be Forced Fluency. The videos, research, and examples in this post should convince you why this is. Plus, by the end, you’ll see how to use forced fluency in guided reading groups in 5 simple steps (I use this exact strategy in…

  • Oral Reading Fluency Assessment

    Oral Reading Fluency Assessment

    It’s one of the best tools for reading instruction and assessment of student reading skills growth – oral reading fluency assessment. It’s simple to administer, we have them embedded into our progress monitoring tools at Spiral WarmUps, and they can be administered in a variety of settings (small group, whole class, online, formal, informal, etc).…

  • Fluency Builder Level 2

    Fluency Builder Level 2

    The warm-ups in Fluency Builder Level 2 are designed to increase reading fluency: speed, accuracy, and working memory. Students will read at a forced rate and maintain meaning across a paragraph. Then they answer basic comprehension questions. Everything is based on leveled texts, repeated reading, forced fluency, and timing.Fluency Builder Level 2, What?Level two is…

  • Fluency Pilot Continues

    Fluency Pilot Continues

    Please take a moment to complete the three question survey below. Loading… During the month of April, we had our initial pilots of the new reading fluency warm-ups – there were so many kinks to work out! However, we used student and teacher feedback to tune up the fluency warm-ups, and now we’re ready for…

  • Fluency Pilot Quick Update (May 2018)

    Fluency Pilot Quick Update (May 2018)

    If you recently applied for the new¬†fluency pilot, we are excited to say you will be notified in the coming days, and we are going to start the pilot earlier than expected! We had such an overwhelming response that we’ll only be able to accept the first 40 applicants. What’s in the pilot? There will…