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Fluency Builder Level 2

The warm-ups in Fluency Builder Level 2 are designed to increase reading fluency: speed, accuracy, and working memory. Students will read at a forced rate and maintain meaning across a paragraph. Then they answer basic comprehension questions. Everything is based on leveled texts, repeated reading, forced fluency, and timing.

Fluency Builder Level 2, What?

Level two is two weeks of fluency warm-ups designed to increase reading rates. The warm-ups have the following features:

  • 70 words per minute
  • 3rd-grade text
  • 2 paragraphs per day
  • Repeated reading on day 3 and 4
  • 4 total basic comprehension questions
  • Directions video

Fluency Builder Level 2, How?

The goal is fluency with meaning, and this is how the warm-up works.

  1. Watch the directions video to remind students how to set up their pages.
  2. Students silently read the first paragraph before it disappears (70 wpm).
  3. Then they answer two basic comprehension questions to ensure they maintained the meaning of the text (these are not complex comprehension, just basic meaning).
  4. When time runs out, they will see the answers to the questions.
  5. Move on to the 2nd paragraph.

This is a video warm-up, so the timing is already set. Students will need to be reminded to stay on task and focus – it moves quickly! By the end of the week, they will read smoother and faster.

Learn More about Fluency Warm-Ups in the Knowledge Base.

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