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Fluency Pilot Quick Update (May 2018)

If you recently applied for the new fluency pilot, we are excited to say you will be notified in the coming days, and we are going to start the pilot earlier than expected!

We had such an overwhelming response that we’ll only be able to accept the first 40 applicants.

What’s in the pilot?

There will be new weeks of fluency warm-ups that have animated text and basic comprehension questions.

The animation controls reading rate. They start at below-level speeds (i.e. 70wpm at 3rd grade, 80wpm at 5th grade) and move into on-level and above-level speeds.

Students will incrementally build reading rate and accuracy while also focusing on maintaining meaning and working memory load.

How Will We Measure Effectiveness?

Pre- and Post-assessments at different grade levels will also be included in the pilot program. The assessment will run just like a normal warm-up and only take 2-3 minutes plus time to grade together as a class.

Stay tuned and check your inbox for your notification in the coming days!

Be sure to ask any questions in the comments below.

[Update June 2018]

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2 responses to “Fluency Pilot Quick Update (May 2018)”

  1. Elizabeth Herrion

    I was under the impression that the lessons begin when I purchased them. There is no information provided that a certain day courses begin.

  2. Elizabeth Herrion

    I didn’t get access to free it kept prompting me to pay. I didn’t get access to any lessons for free.

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