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Fluency Pilot Continues

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During the month of April, we had our initial pilots of the new reading fluency warm-ups – there were so many kinks to work out! However, we used student and teacher feedback to tune up the fluency warm-ups, and now we’re ready for the next phase of development.

In phase 2, the fluency pilot will open up to 40 teachers and their classrooms. It’s a short-term pilot, so we won’t be able to gather effectiveness data. We are gathering input (qualitative data) from teachers and students in grades 2-6 to ensure the fluency warm-ups are:

  • age-appropriate
  • aligned to grade-level expectations
  • fit reading fluency best practices
  • fun and engaging
  • challenging

What Do I Do During Phase 2?

If you’re accepted into Phase 2 of the Fluency Pilot, you can explore the different levels of fluency warm-ups. They are fully-functioning even though they are still in beta mode. The levels of warm-ups after phase 1 are:

  • Level 1: 70wpm (DRA 30)
  • Level 2: 70-80wpm (DRA 30+)
  • Level 3: 90wpm (DRA 30+)
  • Level 4: 90-100wpm (DRA 30+)
  • Level 5 100 wpm (DRA 40)

Discover which level of fluency warm-up challenges your students the most, yet also supports their reading growth. Monitor your students to see if the text is too fast. Watch to see if the questions were too hard. Ask them if it challenged their memory.

Phase 2 is all about exploration for you and gathering feedback for us. We want to achieve the maximum reading level growth for your students in the shortest amount of time!

Do I Need to Document Usage?

No. We did extensive documentation during phase 1. At the end of May, you will receive a simple survey asking for your feedback, so we can make the final improvements to the Fluency warm-ups.

How Long is this Fluency Pilot?

We ask that you use the fluency warm-ups for a minimum of one week with one 3-4 minute warm-up per day. You may choose to use the warm-ups for the entire month – that’s up to you!

What is in the Fluency Warm-Ups?

The fluency warm-ups address reading speed, accuracy, maintaining meaning across sentences and paragraphs, and working memory. There are whole-class fluency activities for the first four days of the week.

On the fifth day, the class completes a 3-4 minute fluency with meaning assessment. It’s all automated with a simple student answer page. The weekly fluency with meaning assessment is designed for weekly progress monitoring, which will be included in the final fluency warm-ups.

It’s exciting to see what the next round holds! We will keep you posted. The expected roll-out of the completed fluency warm-ups: August 2018.

[Update Jun 2018} Read about Fluency Builder Level 2 here.

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